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YouTube TV Promo Code Loses ESPN, Other Disney Networks

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Youtube tv promo code or rather youtube tv as a whole is in a big shit as they loses  ESPN, other Disney networks after failing to reach new deal

More than a dozen Disney-owned channels are no longer available on YouTube TV, despite a last-minute settlement with the company. Popular networks such as ESPN and ABC have been deleted from the service as of December 18th. As promised, YouTube TV’s membership has been reduced to $50 per month as a result of the loss of programs.

“They have declined to reach a fair contract with us based on market terms and conditions,” Disney said late Friday in a statement after ongoing negotiations with YouTube TV.

“As a result, their subscribers no longer have access to our unrivaled portfolio of networks, which includes live sports and news, as well as kids, family, and general entertainment programming from ABC, the ESPN networks, Disney channels, Freeform, FX Networks, and National Geographic channels,” the company explained. “We are prepared to strike an equitable deal with Google as soon as possible in order to restore our networks and minimize the disruption to YouTube TV users.” We’re hoping that Google will join us in this endeavor.”

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YouTube TV announced in a blog post that it will “continue discussions with Disney to advocate on your behalf in the aim of restoring their programming on YouTube TV.”

YouTube TV stated, “We’ve been in good-faith conversations with Disney for several months.” “Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to strike an equitable arrangement before our current one expired, and their channels are no longer available on YouTube TV,” says the statement

The statement comes after a notice to subscribers earlier this week that the channels might be removed from YouTube TV on Friday, December 17th if a settlement between the two businesses could not be struck. In the event that discussions fail, YouTube TV has stated that it will reduce its monthly fee from $65 to $15 to compensate for the shift.

Earlier this week, it appeared that a favorable resolution to the service loss was in the works. For one thing, the service reminded users in an email on Monday that Disney “is an essential partner for us,” and that it intended to achieve an agreement with the Mouse House “if we can establish reasonable terms.” However, the companies were unable to strike an agreement before their present arrangement expired on December 17th.

The loss of nearly a dozen channels hurts YouTube TV’s ability to compete with rival online cable alternatives like Hulu with Live TV or Fubo TV. Not only will a dozen or more channels be removed from the airwaves, but so will a long list of Disney-owned brands, including not only Disney channels but also FX, ESPN, and National Geographic channels.

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The full list of channels that left because a deal was not reached includes the following:

  • Your local ABC channel
  • ABC News Live
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • Freeform
  • FX
  • FXX
  • FXM
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Wild
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3 (by authentication to the ESPN app)
  • SEC Network
  • ACC Network

Carriage disputes are frustratingly common in our new streaming landscape, and they often play out publicly before a resolution is reached — as was the case recently with YouTube TV and NBCUniversal-owned channels. Less frequently, two parties fail to reach a deal, and it’s the consumer who winds up paying the price by having to shop around for a new provider if they want support for their favorite programming.

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