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Google Will Erase Area Data For Abortion Center Visits

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Many individuals are wondering how the applications they use every day can suddenly turn against them in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate federal abortion rights in the U.S.

Google will erase area data to lessen some potential harm associated with location monitoring as concerns over the seemingly endless pool of information that internet companies have created a complete industry around the increase.

The business revealed Friday in an article that it would get rid of data for abortion centers or area history information about some “especially individual” places from a Google account quickly after someone sees it. Areas that will have their data erased include “medical centers like counseling centers, domestic violence shelters, abortion centers, fertility centers, dependency treatment facilities, weight loss centers, cosmetic surgery centers, and others,” according to the blog site.

Google likewise kept in mind that Fitbit users who utilize the device’s companion software application as a duration tracker currently should erase those entries one by one, but an easier way to “erase numerous logs simultaneously” is on the way.

The change to place history will enter into effect in the next few weeks, clearing one possible container of data that police might demand from the business. Google notes that its area history feature is off by default for people who use its services, but if you’re uncertain about that, it’s always worth double-checking what personal info you’re actively sharing with tech’s information brokers– especially now.


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