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Apple Watch Series 6 Review, Price And Specs

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Apple has manufactured so many wristwatches, but we will be talking about the Apple watch series 6 review, price, and specs. let’s go!!

The Apple Watch Series 6 reinforces Apple’s commitment to continually improve the Apple Watch with features that are expected to improve wearable technology. The improvements over last year’s Apple Watch Series 5 aren’t groundbreaking, but they are welcome because they address some flaws. Added health-tracking tools, faster charging, and other enhancements are among the highlights of the improvements.

Apple Watch Series 6 Key Specs & Features

  • 1.78 inches LTPO OLED Display, 448 x 368  Pixels (326 PPI)
  •  1.57 inches LTPO OLED Display, 394 x 324 Pixels, 326 PPI (40mm)
  • Dual-Core Apple S6 Processor
  • WatchOS 7.0, upgradable to 7.1
  • 32GB Built-in Storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50m Water Resistant
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS Navigation
  • LTE (Optional)
  • Wireless Charging
  • Non-Removable 303.8 mAh Li-ion Battery

Display and Design

Have you been hoping for a huge design change? This isn’t it, to be sure. The design of the Apple Watch Series 6 is similar to that of the Series 5. When it comes to outer appearance, though, there are significant differences that mark them unique.

The Series 6 watch comes in a variety of different hues, including Red and Blue. Silver, Graphite, Gold, Silver space gray, Gold, Natural titanium, and space black are among the colors available, which are mostly repeated from last year.

When you turn the watch over to look at the back, you’ll see a slightly modified layout that makes room for the new sensor.

Leaving aside the aforementioned, we have essentially the same form factor and build choices as last year. The series 6 has three different build variants: basic stainless steel, aluminum, and a Titanium Watch edition variant.

Apple watch series 6 review


All of the models are available in 40mm and 4mm sizes, which is Apple’s way of accommodating size preferences.

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The 40mm model has a 1.57-inch display with a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels and 326 PPI, while the 44mm model has a 1.78-inch display with a resolution of 448 x 368 pixels and 326 PPI.

Please keep in mind that you will be given a display based on the Retina LTPO OLED panel regardless of the size variant you choose.


The Apple Watch is without a doubt the fastest smartwatch on the market. Tasks are completed in a timely manner. The Apple Watch can’t be slowed down. They have continued to improve.

A dual-core Apple S6 processor, a Power VR GPU, 1GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage round out the performance package.

A 303.8 mAh Li-ion battery is included in the 44mm size edition, while a 265.9 mAh battery is included in the 40mm size variant. The battery is proportional to the size of the chassis.

Apple took attempts to reduce the charge time of the Apple watch, as mentioned in the introduction. According to a test conducted by The Verge, the Apple Watch Series 6 moved from 0 to 100 percent in around 2 hours and 30 minutes, while the Series 5 was at 80 percent.

No Charger in the Box 

The Apple Watch Series 6 has joined a growing list of Apple goods, such as the iPhone 12, that will ship without a charging cable, ostensibly to minimize the number of carrier cars on the road, lowering the company’s carbon footprint.


One of the most important characteristics of a decent smartwatch is its software. Apple may not have been the greatest in all aspects of software, but they have made a determined effort to improve things.

This year, Apple focused on improving third-party app support on the Apple Watch, allowing owners of the Apple Watch Series 6 to use third-party apps such as bike ride tracking, Google maps, weather apps, and more.

This move might be interpreted as catering to stock market enthusiasts who are dissatisfied with the current app. It also allows fans to add intuitive features that Apple lacked.

Many of the things I want on my watch are available as third-party apps, such as bike trip tracking, trail maps, Google Maps, and more detailed weather apps.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 6 operates on WatchOS 7.0, with support for WatchOS 7.1 upgrades.

Blood Oxygen Sensor

The Blood Oxygen Sensor, sometimes known as the SpO2 sensor, is one of the health-tracking technologies Apple debuted with the Series 6.

This sensor allows users to detect the amount of oxygen in their blood, which aids in the diagnosis of asthma and apnea.

Apart from the Blood Oxygen sensor, the Apple Watch Series 6 also has some of the previous health features. A heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, fitness applications, and much more are included.


The Apple Watch series, like the Apple Watch 5, is available in both GPS and Cellular models. Regardless of the choice selected, enthusiasts will have access to Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC.

Price and Availability of Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is priced starting at $399 for the base Aluminum edition with GPS only in a 4mm version. In Nigeria, this amount is equivalent to 153,072 Naira, 44,452 KSH in Kenya, and 2,383 GHC in Ghana.

The GPS + Cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 6 is priced at $499. Furthermore, fans who want the top-of-the-line Watch edition with the Titanium casing will have to pay up to $899 for the 44mm version.


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