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3 Ways To Find Camera Sensor Model On Your Android Phone

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When comparing smartphones, we commonly use benchmarking apps. While these apps assist in judging overall performance, they do not provide information regarding the camera hardware, such as the image sensor, which is critical to picture quality. Thankfully, determining which camera sensor a phone has is quite simple. Let’s have a look at some simple ways to locate the camera sensor model on your Android phone in this article.

The photo’s resolution is determined by the megapixel count. It does not, however, indicate how much better the camera is. In reality, the photo quality is determined by a variety of parameters such as the sensor, aperture, post-processing, and so on.

You can tell whether the manufacturer utilized a modern or aged image sensor on the phone by looking at the camera sensor model. You can also utilize this information to learn more about the device’s capabilities and other data, such as the sensor and pixel sizes.

How to Locate the Camera Sensor Model on Your Phone

There are several methods for determining the phone’s camera sensor. You can either rely on the manufacturer’s spec sheet or use third-party apps to obtain the necessary information. All of the methods are described in full below.

I. Using Device Info HW App

On Android phones, the Device Info HW app displays hardware and software information. You can use it to figure out the model of the camera’s image sensor as follows:

1 Get Device Info HW from the Google Play Store and install it.

2 Swipe to the Camera tab after opening the app.

3 Look under the Hardware section to see all of the phone’s picture sensors.

4 It will also display other information such as resolution, aperture, focal length, sensor size, pixel size, and more.

We used the OnePlus 9R, which has a Sony IMX586 primary camera sensor, a Sony IMX481 wide-angle sensor, and a Sony IMX471 front camera.

II. Using AIDA64

Another popular third-party app that displays important software and hardware information about your phone is AIDA64.

1 Get AIDA64 from the Google Play Store and install it.

2 Open the app and select Devices from the drop-down menu.

3 Check the box next to the Camera ID here. The image sensor model of your phone’s camera will be shown.

3. Find Camera Sensor Model on the Manufacturer’s Website

The manufacturer’s website is another way to find out what camera image sensor your phone has. Look under the specifications on your phone’s product page on the manufacturer’s official website.

You may also do a fast Google search to find out what sensor the phone has. However, look for reputable and trustworthy sources.

If nothing else works, send an email to the device’s manufacturer’s customer service. They may be able to give you the necessary camera and image sensor details.

Final Thoughts

This was all about figuring out which camera sensor your Android phone uses. I hope this has given you a better understanding of your phone’s camera and its possibilities.




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