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Hubtel Makes Its Koforidua Launch With A Float

HomeHubtel Makes Its Koforidua Launch With A Float
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Hubtel, one of Ghana’s fastest-growing quick commerce company that also provides some major services such as bulk SMS, online services payment, and so on, has expanded its customer service center to the Eastern part of the country as part of its plan to provide their services throughout the country by the end of this year.

They have worked hard in recent months to develop service facilities in other parts of the country, including Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Takoradi, with their headquarters in Accra – Kokomlemle.


The launch was conducted in a float-style activation in Koforidua, giving locals a colorful preview of what they’re about to experience with Hubtel. The residents of the town got first-hand experience with the Hubtel app, including assistance in installing it and unlocking special event discounts.

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In a conversation with Bryt FM’s Isaac Batsa in an interview amid the activation, Hubtel’s Head of Commercial and New Market, Gershon Akoto, remarked that,

The retailers in Koforidua gave us a warm welcome when we approached them to sell to their customers through HubtelMore and more businesses in Koforidua are coming on board to showcase their items on the Hubtel App and website.

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He also stated, that the people of Koforidua have also expressed a strong desire to use the Hubtel App, which later resulted in engaging with approximately 1,400 people today during the float.

Students, employees, and the general Koforidua population are relieved that they may look for and acquire things, food, electricals, and everything else, as well as pay or collect payments from an infinite number of connections.


Hubtel’s mobile app has evolved over the years to become a very valuable app for mobile customers, assisting people in its operational cities to purchase items and enjoy services from nearby shops and providers.

Earlier this year, the Bank of Ghana granted them a full license to operate as a Payment Services Provider (Improved), allowing it to lawfully provide enhanced charge services and modern options to the majority of the people.

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Alex Bram, Chief Executive Officer of Hubtel also mentioned, that their main focus as Hubtel is to make things easy by creating retailers – buyer interaction.


The expanding digital financial system specifically in Ghana motivates them to continue developing new things and widening their operations to make sure everyone in Ghana enjoys these services more efficiently and more cost-effective

Businesses of any kind, be it, food joints, provision shops, or restaurants, should understand that their customers live on their smartphones and that is not changing anytime soon. It is time to move to where the customers are, and Hubtel is providing that platform,

Mr. Bram further added.

Residents of Koforidua and its environs can now use the Hubtel app to search for and pay for items at local stores and vendors.

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Wait a minute, where will their next launch take place? While we wait for their next move, I’m guessing Brong Ahafo, but that’s just my speculation. You can share yours with us as well.

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