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We Compiled The List Of 10 Game Recording Softwares For Game Lovers

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There are so much game recording softwares available for taking images from the screen. We’ve compiled a list of the finest apps for capturing video and audio from games, so you can pick the one that’s most handy and functional for you. Read and make your decision!

1. Screen Camera

The program from AMS Software, a local developer, allows you to shoot high-quality photographs from a computer. In addition to recording, the Screen Camera allows you to edit videos, add screensavers and titles, and add voice acting, including recordings made using a microphone within the program.

The following are the main benefits:

  • Easy-to-use video and audio recording
  • Cropping, title creation, and music creation
  • Publish the completed video on YouTube or VK.
  • Save the video in any format you like.
  • As a result, it’s one of the greatest apps for game recording.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a useful program with a straightforward user interface. Knows how to take a screenshot from the screen and allows the user to customize hotkeys, add or hide cursor effects, and set a recording timeframe.

You will have to pay $ 39 to get the application for shooting a video in the game and use all of its features. The trial edition has several restrictions: the image is watermarked, and films can only be shot for 10 minutes. The demand for computer resources is also one of the downsides.


FRAPS is a popular tool among gamers for recording video from video games, and it works well even on slow systems. The program is small in size and offers an easy-to-use interface that everyone can grasp. As a result, the recording is of excellent clarity and distortion-free. FRAPS can also take screenshots and display FPS (frames per second).

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This tool for recording video from games for slow PCs, however, has a number of flaws. Even if only a few minutes were captured, the clips are quite huge. They’ll take up a lot of storage space on your computer, take a long time to upload to YouTube and be difficult to distribute over email. If you need to take a break or do something essential on the computer, you can’t pause the recording. There is no way to change the resolution of the future video file if necessary. The interface is initially in English, so you’ll need to look for and install localization crackers.

And if you think that just recording isn’t enough, think again. For gaming, you’ll need more than just recording software. You’ll also need a real-time chat app. Then there’s conflict as a solution. Take a peek at this resource: How to get Discord on Windows 10 and install it

4. OBS

Open Broadcaster Program (OBS) is a free screen recorder and live streaming software that can be used for streaming. Furthermore, the application is capable of performing all of these activities at the same time. The OBS interface is straightforward enough for even a novice to understand. You can use hotkeys to make your work more convenient and efficient.

Because this is a resource-intensive procedure, it makes sense to record the game in conjunction with the broadcast only on strong PCs. The start of recording is not clearly shown, and the function of a lot of settings is not obvious to beginners and necessitates further investigation.

5. Mirillis Action!

Action, Mirillis! Is a useful tool for recording lets plays and saving videos in AVI and MP4 codecs to your hard disk. You can define whether the full screen, a specific area, or the gameplay is necessary. You have the option of adding voice comments.

Mirillis Action! is a paid game (about 1000 rubles) that uses a lot of PC resources. It is not compatible with the Windows XP operating system. The final video has a non-standard resolution, such as 1320720 pixels.

6. PlayClaw 5

PlayClaw 5 is a useful piece of software that allows you to both burn and stream video games. The number and size of frames, as well as the video quality, are all options available to the user. The program is light on the system and allows you to choose a sound source for recording, as well as display FPS and take screenshots.

PlayClaw 5 does not see or record all games, and it occasionally stops recording after a pause. The software is paid for; it costs around 600 rubles to download and use.

7. Nvidia ShadowPlay

ShadowPlay is an easy-to-use tool for recording game videos and lives broadcasts over the internet. The software has a handy quick replay feature, which allows you to store the past 30 seconds of gaming at any time (even if screen capture is disabled). This tool comes in handy if you’ve accomplished something amazing in the game and want to brag about it online.

ShadowPlay requires a computer with an Nvidia 600 series or higher graphics card, as well as a processor with a clock speed of 2.8 GHz or above.

8. ReLive

AMD’s ReLive can record video from the screen, broadcast it online, and publish PC gaming accomplishments. Makes it possible to create high-quality videos. Adjusting the parameters of future recording is inconvenient because it necessitates using the extra Radeon Settings application. For the next recording, previous settings are kept. This tool for recording video from games is resource-intensive, and it will slow down on low-end devices.

9. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a free video capture software for video games. With the flexibility to alter the frame size and set the codec, you can make high-quality recordings without compression. When you need to create a high-definition video, this program is worth employing. The software’s interface is rather complicated, and it takes some effort to figure it out.

10. Windows Game DVR

Game DVR is a free Windows 10 built-in application. It allows you to capture videos in two resolutions: 720p and 1080p, at 30 or 60 frames per second. Because the processor is severely burdened when recording, capturing the screen in high resolution on slow PCs is unlikely to operate. The program’s functionality is quite limited.

You learned how to use the most user-friendly and functional software for shooting games. Against the background, the on-screen camera appears to be the most favourable and promising. It offers all of the necessary features, is simple to use, and performs admirably even on slow computers. Do you want to record your games in high-definition? Now is the moment to get a free screen recording program.


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