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6 Best Online Voice Recorder Apps For Android Users

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Let’s talk about these 6 unique online voice recorder apps for android users, after you will learn the features and benefits of using each of them.

Remembering every piece of information you need to perform your daily or weekly tasks becomes more difficult as your workload increases. Students, journalists, and professionals from a variety of fields can benefit from taking audio notes or recording complete conversations using their smartphones.

There are a variety of recorder apps available, including voice recorders, screen recorders, and video recorders, that can be used to store memories for the future. I’m going to talk about voice recorder applications in this blog.

Computer-based voice recorders are incredible. They can, however, be restricted in a variety of ways. You can’t take one outside and keep recording while hiking with the influencer you profiled on your website, for example.

A basic Android voice recorder can make this procedure easier because all you have to do is tap the Record button, and you’ll have an audio note in seconds. However, with so many audio recorder apps for Android smartphones to pick from, selecting the one that is most suited to your needs may be more difficult than it appears.

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As a result, in this article, we’ll show you how to find some great free voice recorders for your Android phone.

Apps for online voice recorder on Android

We’ll go over the six greatest online voice recorder applications for Android users in this article.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder accomplishes precisely what it claims. It allows you to record using your phone in a simple manner. You launch the app, tap the microphone button, record, share as needed, and then exit it.

It also has a few more functions, such as the ability to modify the recording file type.

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You may record for an endless length of time and compress your captured sounds with Easy Voice Recorder Pro. It’s perfect for capturing extended lectures or conversations. You can also attach an additional microphone to the app if you want to boost the quality of the sound you’re recording

You may also store your recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive and send them to others

It comes in both a free and a premium edition. The premium version will set you back $3.99.

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Easy Voice Recorder has the following features:

1 Several high-quality recording studios.

2 Emailing or sharing via the app.

3 Support for Android Wear

4 Button Control

The Advantages of Using an Easy Voice Recorder

1 Enables users to manage and organize their recordings with ease.

2 It can produce all standard audio file formats.

3 You have the option of recording in stereo.

4 You can use your recordings to create ringtones.

Cons of Using an Easy Voice Recorder

1 Advert can be aggravating.

2 There are only a few basic audio editing tools.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is a full-featured recorder and transcribing program with far more capabilities than the built-in voice memos app

All Android users who want to utilize voice recorders want to be able to easily record high-quality audio. One of the finest free voice recorders for Android, Innovative Recorder, has a number of features that allow users to make high-quality audio recordings even in a difficult setting

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Because of features like the Live Audio Spectrum Analyzer, microphone gain calibration, and automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment in Skip Silence, this software has over 10 million downloads. Keep in mind, however, that this tool will not allow you to make audio files larger than 2 GB.

Smart Recorder’s Features

1 There is one locking feature.

2 Audio spectrum analyzer in real-time.

3 Sharing with a single touch

4 Multiple high-quality formats are supported.

Advantages of a Smart Recorder

1 You have complete control over the recording process using it.

2 The device is equipped with the Wave Lock feature, which prevents it from entering sleep mode.

3 There is a real-time audio spectrum analyzer included.

4 It extends the life of the battery.

Smart Recorder’s Drawbacks

1 There are no recording options for phone calls.

2 The ability to share files is limited.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q is one of the most powerful audio recorder apps on the market. It can record MP3 files. As a result, practically any device can play the sound files.

You can also have the recording automatically uploaded to Dropbox once it’s finished. Widget support, the ability to choose which microphone on your smartphone to use, Wi-Fi transfer support, gain control, and more are all included. The premium edition has a few more features.

You don’t need any previous audio recording knowledge to record long lectures, interviews, and other types of voice recordings using Hi-Q MP3 Speech Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Features

1 One microphone option is available.

2 Cloud services are synchronized.

3 Wi-Fi data transfer is possible.

4 The gain can be manually changed.

Advantages of a High-Quality MP3 Voice Recorder

1 User interface that is well-designed and easy to use.

2 Setup a simple audio recording session.

3 The sound quality can be changed.

4 Excellent file management features.

Cons of Using a High-Quality MP3 Voice Recorder

1 It does not allow call recording.

2 The free edition has a limited feature set.

RecForge II Audio Recorder

RecForge II is an Android recording app for phones and tablets. Because it can record uncompressed WAV files at a frequency rate of up to 48kHz at 16 bits, this program draws a large number of users. During and after recording, it shows an amplitude waveform, which aids in the detection of unwanted handling or background noise.

The app allows you to schedule recordings, attach several external microphones, and manage the gain manually. Pitch, tempo, and playback rate may all be modified in all audio files you record and edit using this software.

RecForge II Audio Recorder keeps recording even when you’re using other programs, and it uses very little battery power.

RecForge II Audio Recorder Features

1 High-resolution recording

2 For AGC, there is a toggle switch (Automatic Gain Control)

3 It can play a variety of audio formats.

4 It is activated in the background.

RecForge II Audio Recorder Advantages

1 easy-to-use interface

2 It can play a wide range of audio formats.

3 Fantastic file-sharing capabilities.

 4 Users can increase audio quality by using Automatic Gain Control.

RecForge II Audio Recorder’s Drawbacks

1 It may be difficult to use for newcomers.

2 The recording time for some file kinds is limited.

ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder is one of the more sophisticated voice recorder programs. It records in MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A formats, among others.

There’s also cloud integration, which makes sharing to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services a breeze. Playback speed options, the ability to skip silent areas of a recording automatically, a gain switch, and Bluetooth device compatibility are just a few of the minor features.

ASR is a completely free application. You can upgrade to a premium version if you want access to more features.

ASR Voice Recorder Features

1 Support for one widget.

2 Controlling the pace of playback

3 Sharing on social media

4 Lossless, high-fidelity recording is a possibility.

The Advantages of Using an ASR Voice Recorder

1 It provides excellent audio recording capabilities for free.

2 Recordings can be saved in a variety of file formats.

3 There are three audio playback controllers supplied.

4 Sharing several files is simple.

ASR Voice Recorder’s Drawbacks

1 Only the most basic audio editing software is available.

2 There are no audio transcription choices.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is an Android application that allows you to create music directly from your phone. It’s an audio recording app for musicians. It’s great software for writing down songs, music, or anything else that comes to mind.

The program features multiple track recording capabilities, an editor for fine-tuning your production, and additional remixing and mastering tools.

You may also use Music Maker JAM to record voices, modify the pace of audio files, and apply effects to all recordings you edit. After you’ve completed the recording, you may publish it to SoundCloud directly from the app or share it on Facebook and other social media sites.

Music Maker Jam’s Features

1 recording with many channels

2 This is a simple remix of the song.

3 Multi-format support

Music Maker Jam’s Advantages

1 It is a straightforward and straightforward program.

2 It creates high-resolution recordings.

3 Excellent for recording and remixing songs.

Music Maker Jam’s drawbacks

1 External microphones are not supported.

2 It is not intended to be used as a primary voice recorder.


Voice recorders and other productivity apps will always have a special place on phones, especially for folks who are often on the go. And, because there are lots of them, knowing which one is right for you is critical.

Which of the apps listed above is the most useful and appropriate for you? Please make a note of it in the comments area below.


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